Split 7" Series - Release 3. Scout x Leroy Drown

$ 18.00 USD

PSP003 - Scout/Leroy Drown Split 7”

Bad, bad Leroy Drown truly delivered with this one.  On his side you have a hand-screenprinted, hand drawn design.  Each one is unique.  He also did some doodles and a stamp on the inside cover, made a few old-school inserts and drew a special 228 USPS label referencing this record.  Dude went all out, channeling that 90’s era Vinyl Communications Records/Forced Down flavor.  Scout has a 2-color, hand-screenprinted design in his not trademarked stencil/clip-art assemblage style.  Think Johnny Cash meets Born Against.  Yes, more doodles and stamps on the inside.  Postcards.  Stickers.  You know the drill.  6 lucky folks will even receive a handsome test-print courtesy of LD himself.  Signed, numbered edition of 22 on 70lb. “Berrylicious” French Paper.  Badder than old King Kong and meaner than a junkyard dog, nah mean?

Check out Scout's work HERE

Check our Leroy Drown's work HERE

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