We're happy to announce our next release, “The Great Wet Hype” by Brian J Hoffman.  Brian Hoffman is a designer, illustrator and printmaker living in Boston, Massachusetts.  Check out his work here or here.
“The Great Wet Hype" is a one color, hand-pulled screen print on French wood fiber archival paper.  12.5x19". 

Edition of 20.  $40 each.  Shipping from the US.   

These are being released Tuesday, October 1st at Noon EST 

"Critical Condition"
We partnered up with our friends over at House of Roulx to release this new print by Al Diaz and Dave Navarro

Available in 3 tiers: limited print edition, hand-embellished variants and stretched canvas versions. All are 4 layer screen prints hand-pulled by PSP.

These are being released next Monday, the 12th at Noon, EST at House of Roulx.   
Full previews and details are up now on www.houseofroulx.com