Pepper Spray Press was founded in 2015 by a group of friends with a simple goal - to fund prints for up-and-coming artists by selling work by established legends.  We’ve been involved in both the punk rock and graffiti scenes for 15+ years and have been horrified to see artists being treated as a commodity rather than unique people with unique voices.  Why not take the DIY punk ethos and merge it with the art world?  

What started as a way to help our artist friends evolved into something…. different.  We printed 500 prints for the Women’s March in 2017 and distributed them all around the world.  We’ve printed posters for everything from local small businesses to national touring bands.   We’ve successfully circumvented the predatory art galleries with group shows in NYC (2016) and London (2017) featuring artists from around the globe.  We've printed posters to support local election races, and most recently, for the Black Lives Matters and Defund the Police movements.

We are hands on; everything is done in house in our print studio in Upstate New York.  From mixing ink pigments from scratch, to experimenting with printing methods, we're always trying to push boundaries.  We're also proud of releasing prints for artists who’ve had success in other artistic endeavors but never thought they could release an editioned print and have it be seen by people all over the world.  

We continue to combine art and activism, organizing the Artists for Syria charity auction in 2015 and collaborating on the 2020 Heart Research UK's Anonymous heART project.

And everything we do is for the love of the artists and causes we support.   

Based in Albany, NY

Print services include screen printing, intaglio and relief printing, and analog alternative photo developing.  Please contact us if you need help with a project.